I created this Website for a hobby I am very passionate about.

I aim to capture those special moments we experience in our lives.

Memories we can treasure for a lifetime and share with friends and family.

I have met some amazing people over the last few years and  made some very special friendships.

Thankyou  all who have supported and encouraged me on my venture.

Available for all types of Equine Events, Stud and Private Shoots.

For enquiries please contact me via email:- Vicki.tapper@bigpond.com or Facebook.

Photos, merchandise and downloads can be purchased from my website and are sent from America.

$10 Web Digitals are available for Immediate download "ADD TO CART">"THIS PHOTO">"DOWNLOADS" Also try "SHARE">"SHARE TO FACEBOOK">"ON YOUR OWN TIMELINE" to place a link on your wall directly to the Photo in it's original Gallery so as to find it easily at time of Purchase